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Name: Colt Tyler III

From: Chicago, Illinois

Affiliation: Teen Titans West (Jump City)

Age: 18

DOB: 1/12/96

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 165lbs

Skin: Light Tan/Caucasion

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Martial Art: Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Occupation: Crime Fighter/Detective/Cat Burglar

Weapons: Grappling Hook, Bladed Shoes, Cat's Claws, Weighted Pocket Watch.

Side: Good/Devious (Likes to steal from villains after defeating them much to Robin's chagrin).

Clothing: Light tan trench-coat w/matching fedora, royal blue dress shirt, solid cream tie, dark brown slacks, black&white wingtip shoes.

Personality: Quiet, arrogant, curious, tends to live in the past (outfit, music, etc.) and is uneasy about change. Usually reserved but will speak up when something bothers him. Likes to maintain a low profile with strangers.

theme song: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: "King Of Swing" (…)

Traits: He likes to bust criminals, but is also prone to steal from them just for the thrill of it.

Titan That Likes Him The Most: Cyborg (For Tyler's way of hacking villain's databases and hideouts without the use of technology along with his fashion sense).

Titan That Dislikes Him The Most: Robin. He hates his devious nature of stealing even if it's from a villain and on occasion being aloof a lot of the time. Colt likes him a lot and loves to poke playful fun at his expense and prod his ultra-serious, no distractions, no games lifestyle.

Biggest Crush: Starfire (Also much to Robin's dislike). Tyler likes to charm her and deeply admires Star's innocence, natural beauty and willingness to learn. Robin thinks Colt is allegedly corrupting her, although the rest of the team disagrees with Robin's assumption.


When his great grandfather Larcen Tyler (former cat burglar) won the Eternal Champions tournament and was granted life again (see comments for details), he threw the packaged bomb that his former mob boss Mr. Taglalini planted on him out the window of the hospital, saving the police chief and the entire hospital.

When the chief offered Larcen a position to head a new wing of law enforcement what is now the C.I.A, Larcen had a new life motive, to crack down and bust drug cartels and mob organizations across the world.

Larcen then married and had a son named Colt Tyler I in January of 1938 and was the head of the task force until his retirement in 1968 (passed away at age 85 in 1983). His son took over from that time until his retirement in 1988.

Colt I also had a son Colt Tyler II (DOB 3/17/1963), who became a police detective in the Calumet City Precinct of their native Chicago.

Then Colt Tyler III was born on a snowy Chicago afternoon the same day on what would have been Larcen's 98th birthday in 1996.

Colt's dad had numerous news articles from newspapers to show his son as a baby all the things his Colt I and Larcen did for the city and the world. One article showed Larcen bringing Al Capone's empire down, a syndicate that ran the city of Chicago for decades.

Another article of how Colt I busted the biggest drug shipment in American history from Columbia in 1957. All this inspired Colt III to carry on the legacy following Colt I's retirement after 30 years of police work.

But one evening in 1998 when Colt III was merely two, Colt II was walking down the street in front of the Chicago Theatre at 3:40 AM on his way to the station on call and was then barraged by a medley of bullets fired from a passing car.

The culprit was none other than Mr. Taglalini's grandson, Ricardo Taglalini. After putting several shots in Colt from his tommy gun, he walked out of the car where Colt looked up and saw his assailant's eyes and the barrel of the same shotgun Ricardo's grandfather had.

Before firing the final shot, he stared down at the bloody but still living Colt II and pointed the shotgun at his head.

"Dis is for my grandfatha. Hope ya kid likes broads, cause that's the only kind he's gonna see for a while. And when he gets old enough, he's next. Arrivederci, scumbag."


Ricardo fire the shotgun and blasted Colt's brains out before going back into his car and him and his cohorts drove off.

Ricardo after 15 years is still at large as no one was able to trace the murder or was gutsy enough to tell authorities who murdered Colt II.

Following the murder, he continued to live with his mother (she never remarried) and frequently visited his grandparents in Calumet City. Although he never showed his emotion often, he longed for seeing his late father.  

Colt III is now 18, he occasionally cracks down small street crimes on his own terms, but ultimately wants his hands on Taglalini for what he did to his father.

He found out from a longtime informant of the CPD that Ricardo and his syndicate in light of what happened to his father changed their location from Chicago to Jump City, but didn't know of their whereabouts or if they were even alive.

Tyler, even with extremely little to go on, said goodbye to his mother and grandparents and received a gift from his grandfather Colt I.

"Here kid, this is more or less an heirloom, but it still works. Made your great grandpa a lot of money." Colt I chuckled lightly.

It was Larcen's infamous grappling hook. The same one he used to rob the most prolific banks of the midwest and also the same one that infiltrated numerous trafficking headquarters.

Colt III gladly accepted the weapon and boarded a train (he has a fear of flying) to Jump City to find his father's killer.

MISC Facts:

Habits: Flips his lucky silver dollar and never leaves the tower without it, constantly cleans his white-wall shoes, keeps his tan fedora and his grappling hook in a safe whenever they're not being used, loves to dance, uses silverware for all his meals (even if it was a chocolate bar).

Has a collection of 15 fedoras to match his different outfits (but only wears the tan fedora/trenchcoat when thrusted into battle or on a mission).

Hidden Talents: Can dry clean his own clothing and can read sheet music.

Favorite Music: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Bobby Darin, B.B King, Royal Crown Revue, Louis Jordan, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett.

Favorite Films: The Maltese Falcon, Dick Tracy, Public Enemies, Capone's Boys and Goodfellas.

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Sports Team(s): Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks.

Favorite Actor/ Actress: Robert DiNiro, Eva Longoria.

Fears: Flying, loud noises, Raven's dark magic, having Starfire dislike him and losing his lucky silver dollar.
Colt Tyler III's Bio and how he fits in with the Teen Titans.  

Larcen Tyler and Eternal Champions property of SEGA.


Note: For more information on "Eternal Champions", it was a fighting game released by SEGA in 1993 that featured nine fighters that died before they could make an impact on the world for better or worse. The "Eternal Champion" brings these nine fighters back to life for a tournament in which the winner was allowed to return to their life seconds before their original death, armed with the knowledge necessary to escape their death and shape their life and the world. 

Here is a list of character descriptions (including Larcen's)…
Titans OC: COLT TYLER III by Kingcole58
Colt Tyler III comes from a long lineage of crime fighters and also ex-cat burglars from Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 18 he traveled out west to Jump City and originally encountered the Teen Titans after raiding Mad Mod's personal Beatles collection that was $6,000,000 worth of merchandise and albums. 

Robin is the only Titan that knew him before he arrived through the stories told by Batman about his family's history. 

Full Bio Right Here!

Name: Jean-Claude Lemieux

Birthplace: Anaheim, California

Affiliation: Good/Teen Titans West (Jump City)

Age: 18

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 169 lbs

Skin: Pale w/farmer's tan (prone to sunburn)

Hair: Dark brown and short (coiffed similar to George Clooney)

Eyes: Hazel

Facial Hair: None

Face: Boyish, somewhat pointy nose,

Build: Skinny but very similar to Robin's toned build. Rarely seen without long sleeves or a jersey. Legs bigger and stronger than upper body.

Uniform: White 3/4 sleeve shirt underneath a kelly green football jersey with the #11 in white with gold trim on the front and back. white wristbands on each wrist, black shorts with white stripes, a "sports utility belt" that contains different small pieces of sporting equipment and a collapsable hockey stick/driver, high top black/green/white sneakers.

Superpowers: None. But when throwing, shooting, kicking, or riding a piece of sports equipment, he gains significant accuracy, speed, strength and reflexes. Without it, he's essentially powerless with little martial arts skill whatsoever.

Likes: Watching games on TV, bright lights, meeting new people, spa treatments, singing and teasing.

Dislikes: Alcohol, loud music, Beast Boy's pranks, dirty clothes, sunburn, being called "sporty spice" (mostly by Raven).

Closest Titan: Robin (Although they're both extremely competitive towards each other in everything which leads to a lot of arguments)

Furthest Titan: Beast Boy

Best Chemistry: Cyborg (both share same sense of humor and love working a grill).

Titan Crush: Raven (Though she loathes his love if not obsession with sports)


Speed: 4/10
Strength: 4/10
Combat Skills: 1/10
Projectile Accuracy: 7/10
Intangibles: 7/10
Reflexes: 5/10

(When wielding equipment)
Speed: 7/10
Strength: 7/10
Projectile Accuracy: 10/10
Intangibles: 8/10
Reflexes: 8/10

Misc. Facts

Theme Song: California Soul: By Marlena Shaw (…)

Favorite Sport(s): Hockey (Ice or Roller), Basketball, Football, Baseball and Pool.

Least Favorite Sport: Surfing, volleyball and anything that involves non-frozen water.

Favorite Teams: Anaheim Ducks, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Clippers, Anaheim Angels.

Favorite Athletes: Teemu Selanne and Joe Montana

Favorite TV Shows: Hockey games, Fox Sports Live, ESPN 30 for 30.

Favorite Music Genres: New Jack Swing, Classic Rock, most 90's music, calming jazz.

Least Favorite Music: Metal, Screamo, Emo, Alternative, Gangster Rap and Mainstream pop.

Favorite Game: Bubble hockey.

Favorite Foods: Pineapples, apples, pizza, BBQ, buttered broccoli.

Least Favorite Foods: Cauliflower, raw tomatoes, anything Starfire makes and anything fried.

Mental Deficiencies: Very impatient, OCD tendencies involving his room and clothing, waterphobia, prone to vertigo when spinning at high speeds.
Teen Titans OC Bio: California Soul: J.C. Lemieux
NOTE: I'm looking for someone to create a visual for the character since I can't draw/design to save my life (I can do a writing sample for you as a commission. That I am good with).

This is a basic factual bio of a sixth member of the Teen Titans. An unorthodox, non-stereotypical Southern Californian named J.C. Lemieux. Colton is an athletic 18-year old with no superpowers, but was recruited by the Titans for having a knack for throwing, kicking and/or shooting basic objects with incredible precision, speed and timing. 

But when holding a football, a basketball, or any sort of sports equipment, his accuracy, speed, strength and focus when throwing, shooting or riding said equipment are greatly enhanced to the near point of superhuman. 

Without it he's essentially powerless with very little martial arts training or experience, easily beatable when faced in hand-to-hand combat.

Comments highly recommended to see if this character is good enough to create some more detailed story lines and series. 

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  • Listening to: Journey
  • Drinking: Water

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